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26 PCs cones set. for training for football or rugby. This 26 PCs of cones allows you to run patterns, practice footwork, or weave in and out of the cones to hone your agility.


Whether you're enhancing your sports training sessions, organizing a school event, or simply want to add a pop of color to your environment, our Witches Hat and Markers Cones Set is your go-to choice. With durability, versatility, and vibrant red colors, these cones will be your trusty companions for countless activities and projects.



26 PCs Red Witches Hat & Markers Cones Set

  • Package includes:

    10 x Red Whitches Hats (23 cm) cones

    16 x Red markers cones

    Package includes 26PCs of Red Whitches Hats & markers cones

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