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Sportive AU Agility hexagons are simple and quick to put together, featuring a snap lock design. With a lightweight frame, the hexagons can easily be transported.

The bright red colour stands out for easy visual awareness. With the flat back design, this unit can easily be compacted together and stored with minimal space requirements. Featuring 4 rings per set, these agility hexagons are ready for the outdoors, designed from impact-resistant materials.

Hexagon Agility rings - Set of 4

SKU: SA007
  • Coming Soon 

  • Sportive AU Agility hexagons Rings Features:

    • 4 rings per set
    • Large 53cm Hexagons
    • Snap lock design
    • Versatile linking clips to vary the workout
    • Flat pack design for easy transport and storage
    • Bright yellow frame
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