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 Sportive Soccer Coach Starter Kit - basic. Packed with 5 top-quality footballs (Size 4 or 5), 16 red marker cones, and 10 witches hat cones. This comprehensive kit is designed to empower coaches, enabling them to conduct outstanding training sessions.

Soccer Coach Starter Kit - basic

    • 5 x Sportive Premier 21/22 PU football. a Premium match and training soccer ball. The SA football/soccer ball made from PU material.
    • 16 x Red markers cones.
    • 10 x Red Whitches Hats (23 cm) cones.
    • 1 x black mesh carry bag hold up to 14 + (Plus) full-size balls and has an opening on the 88 cm side for accessories. Size: 94 (L) x 88 (W) cm.

    *Note; Balls colors may vary, such as white/blue, white/orange, or white/green.

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