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The Sportive AU spike Agility Speed 4 Poles plus black carry bag convenient for transportation. The 4 poles available in orange or yellow colours. The Sportive AU Speed Pole is a 2 piece pole with middle tread connection ( 2 Piece with Screw in Thread). The 2 piece poles are then connected so they remain attached, making it super-fast to locate and set up.

Sportive spike Agility Training Poles , 4 Poles + Carry bag - Outdoor surface

  • The Sportive AU Spike Agility Poles provide strength and great visibility for night training;

    • Poles is 150 cm long 
    • Set includes; 4 poles plus black carry bag
    • Poles avalaible in Yellow or Fluro Orange 
    • 10cm metal spike to fit strong and secure into the ground, for out doors
    • Sturdy, lightweight PVC Pole Suitable on grass
    • 2 piece pole with middle tread connection


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