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Sportive Solo Soccer/Football Practice Trainer. The Soccer/Football solo practice training can expand your football training skills, train anytime and anywhere, improve reaction ability, and improve various skills such as passing, catching, controlling the ball and so on. The soccer training belt is fits ball size 3, 4, and 5 soccer, volleyball and more ball training. It is easy to disassemble and can be used in larger places such as indoor and outdoor. Adjustable Waist Belt: Adjust the size with Velcro, easy to stick and reliable to prevent falling off during training, suitable for different body types. This offer one  Sportive Soccer ball.

1 x Sportive Solo Soccer/Football Practice Trainer + 1 x Soccer Ball

    • Material: Neoperne
    • Robe Lenght: 2.2m
    • Colour: Blue/Black
    • Fit for ball Size: 3/4/5 ot AFL balls
    • Designed for solo training
    •  Improve ball control and accuracy
    • Include One (1) sportive Soccer Ball avalaibe in Size 4 or 5
    • Sportive Soccer ball avalaible in 2 colors Orange/white or Blue/white
    • Slect Ball size and colour before you check out 
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